News & Notes

Welcome to the Lassiter Online payment center!  We are excited to be the first school in the Cobb County School District to offer the option to pay your school fees online.  We sincerely hope that you enjoy the convenience of online payments and please let us know any suggestions you may have to make your experience even better!

Please be advised that the convenience fee to pay online is 4.75% of the purchase total (same as Meal Pay). 

We encourage you to visit our “First Time Users” page (link at top of page).  It is an extremely helpful tool to get you familiar with our website! 

As the school year continues, the items available to pay for at the online center will continue to be updated.  For example, if your student’s science class is planning a field trip and there is a fee, the field trip and fee will be posted in advance on the payment center under the “Department” heading of “Field Trips”.  Just log on, choose your trip and check out!  Or, if your student joins Spanish Club and needs to pay club dues, find it under “Clubs” and do the same thing!! You don’t have to send a check in with your student!   Enjoy the convenience and simplicity of our exciting new online payment system! 

Go Trojans!